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Thumbay University Hospital does not admit Covid-19 patients, and its stringent safety protocols minimize risks of viral transmission inside the hospital.

Thumbay University Hospital has been at the forefront of deploying strict measures to ensure the safety and well-being of its patients, visitors and staff in line with the UAE government’s and World Health Organisation’s (WHO) directives on Covid-19 safeguards and regulations. The hospital does not admit Covid-19 patients, and its stringent safety protocols minimise risks of viral transmission inside the hospital.


“Some of our patients have medical conditions where teleconsultation isn’t an option and he/she has to see a doctor at the hospital,” said Dr Fozi Abozaid Dakilah, the Medical Director of the hospital. “As a Covid-free hospital, Thumbay University Hospital has taken the necessary precautions to treat our patients in safe settings. Patients can visit our doctors without any concerns of risks to their health and well-being, as all possible checks and measures are in place, reviewed periodically.”

Thumbay Group has maintained this hospital as a Covid-free hospital. As soon as the UAE Government and its health authorities issued detailed guidelines for hospitals to comply with precautionary measures in the wake of Covid-19, Thumbay University Hospital introduced a series of noteworthy steps to limit the movement of people and maintain social distancing:

  • Telehealth services to encourage patients to stay at home and avoid visiting the hospital for non-emergency services. Patients can call the hospital’s telehealth number at 054-995 5415 to access services like follow-up consultations, review of reports, etc.
  • Round-the-clock fever clinic to treat patients with fever, screening them for Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Detailed sanitisation protocol and social distancing arrangements.
  • Chronic medication refill for insurance patients by just making a phone call to 054-995 5415.
  • 24-hour drive-through pharmacy service at the hospital premises, enabling patients and customers to collect their medication without stepping out of their cars.
  • Collection of diagnostic samples from the homes of patients.
  • Temperature monitoring of all patients, visitors and staff, at the entrance.
  • Emphasising hand hygiene and the importance of wearing masks, within the hospital. Availability of hand sanitisers throughout the hospital.

Dr Manvir Singh Walia, the COO of the hospital said that all patients are screened at the entrance and their temperatures recorded, and patients with even a slight suspicion of Covid-19 examined at the fever clinic and handled accordingly, away from the main areas of the hospital. “We are also taking steps to avoid overcrowding at the hospital by encouraging patients to plan their visit with prior appointments. At the hospital, we make sure that patients are attended to quickly, reducing patient waiting times,” said Walia.

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