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Thumbay Medicity  had  the  pleasure  of  hosting  Mrs.  Jayamala  Ramachandran,  Minister for Women  and  Child  Development  and  Empowerment  of  Differently  Abled  &  Senior  Citizens, Government  of  Karnataka,  India,  on  24th  November  2018.  The  minister  was  greeted  at Thumbay Medicity by Dr. Thumbay Moideen – Founder President of Thumbay Group.

Mrs.   Jayamala   Ramachandran   toured   the   advanced   healthcare   and   medical   education facilities  at  Thumbay  Medicity  including  Gulf  Medical  University,  Thumbay  Dental  Hospital, Thumbay Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Hospital etc.

Touring the hospitals and the university, the minister commended Thumbay Medicity for the excellent  facilities  for  healthcare  and  medical  education,  as  she  observed  the  various services at Thumbay Dental Hospital – the first private dental hospital in the country and the largest  academic  dental  hospital  in  the  Middle  East  region’s  private  sector,  as  well  as Thumbay  Physical  Therapy  and  Rehabilitation  Hospital  –  the  biggest  and  most  advanced hospital for physical therapy and rehabilitation. The vision, mission and future directions of Thumbay Group and Gulf Medical University – the region’s leading private medical university, as  well  as  the  University’s  advanced  training  and  teaching  facilities  were  also  presented before the guest. She appreciated Thumbay Group’s efforts in bringing the latest technology and innovation in healthcare and medical education to the region.

Dr.  Thumbay  Moideen  said  that  Thumbay  Medicity  is  envisioned  as  the  healthcare  and medical education hub of the region, to serve a floating population of 20,000 on completion. “The  soon-to-open  500-bed  academic  hospital  –  Thumbay  University  Hospital  –  the  largest private   academic   hospital   in   the   region,   combined   with   the   dental   and   rehabilitation hospitals  make  Thumbay  Medicity  a  unique  destination  for  specialized  care.  Thumbay Medicity is also a referral facility to which primary and secondary care hospitals and clinics refer serious cases,” he explained. Thumbay Medicity also houses Body & Soul Health Club and Spa, The Terrace Restaurant, Blends & Brews Coffee Shoppe, Thumbay Pharmacy etc. The  specialized  hospitals  of  Thumbay  Medicity  are  Academic  Health  Centers  of  the  Gulf Medical   University   Academic   Health   System   (GMUAHS),   which   give   them   the   unique advantage  of  having  the  expertise  of  doctors  who  are  also  academicians  and  researchers. GMUAHS has the distinction of being the first private academic health system in the region.

Thumbay  Medicity  is  an  important  landmark  in  Thumbay  Group’s  transformation  into  a leading healthcare provider in the region. “We are pursuing a massive global expansion plan at the moment, according to which the Thumbay academic hospital network will have a total of 1000 beds in the UAE, 1500 beds in India and 750 beds elsewhere in the Gulf and Africa by 2022,” said Dr. Thumbay Moideen.

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