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Wellness is multidimensional, encompassing lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and the environment.

Eating nutritious foods, keeping our bodies strong & supple, taking time for relaxation & self-care, recognizing stress and fatigue and honoring our feelings & emotions are just a few of the ways we can support our own personal wellness.


Creating change in our routines, thought patterns and habits is not easy. Getting support on this journey is an empowering way to love yourself and move towards the balanced life you deserve.

A session on Women Wellness and Empowerment with Dr. Smitha Prabhakar was facilitated by the Human Resources.


Dr. Smitha Prabhakar is a Global Ambassador in the wellness and happiness space; she has been residing in the UAE for the past 23+ years. She has mastered more than 13 disciplines in the holistic and the energy space and has made her mark as a Life & Happiness Coach. Popularly known as the Happiness Doctor, she conducts employee and corporate wellness, in addition to, one-to-one coaching and counselling sessions for individuals with emotional challenges. She has worked with Global authorities in the personal Development niche and is endorsed by “The Secret” movie fame Bob Proctor on her research and innovative work. She has received numerous Excellence Awards and acclaims globally, most recently receiving the “Lifetime Achievement Award in the Holistic Wellness Space”. She has also the Pioneer of the Ground-breaking Natural Mind Body Transformation Techniques, by easy step by step Natural lifestyle shifts and proven methods including Advanced Immunity Boosting techniques, 1 million meditators for Global Peace and also spearheading the National Drive for Zero Obesity & Zero Anxiety.

Around 60 employees, both Faculty and Staff, enjoyed the one and a half hours of mindfulness bliss. This interactive session included pep talk and tools for wellness. Mindfulness was practiced through meditation. The session helped in releasing stress, anxiety and tension, creating space for true self to emerge, encouraged to shake off old, non-serving thought patterns and replace them with positive, supportive affirmations, assisted in creating new habits that serve your journey to wellness, and nourish body, mind & spirit.

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