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  • 3 courses offered on site at GMU to more than 20 participants in each course
  • Certificate of competence course in how to access and evaluate the residence and doctors in practice for accreditation and re-accreditation

Gulf Medical University the leading Medical University in the UAE was privileged to Conduct a Series of Training and Workshops for the Health Professionals of Center for Accreditation and professional Development in the Field of Healthcare, Moscow at Gulf Medical University.


This Special course on competency in Medical Education conducted by Prof. Hossam Hamdy is a Unique one which will enhance the Evaluation and Assessments techniques in medical education which will help them to assess medical professionals & Students and implement the same in their own country.

A contract was signed between the two institution Represented by Prof Hossam Hamdy chancellor of Gulf Medical University, UAE and Koff Nataliya Evgenievna, Acting Director of Center for Accreditation and professional development in the field of Healthcare, Moscow.

The agreement aims to promote cooperation in medical training and enhance competencies of health personnel across health specialties. The contract will help development of Joint programs, Development of Health workforce personnel in Moscow, Exchange of Ideas & knowledge which are of interest to both institutions to do Collaborative Research. Also do joint Training and Workshops. Avail Scholarships for eligible candidates to Study at GMU, Elective placements of GMU Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in Moscow.

“We at GMU have been at the forefront in helping various institutes to get trained in the field of medical education which in-turn helps them to Access and further Develop the Health professions education their respective country, we take pride in Sharing our knowledge and expertise for the advancement of Health professions education. The use of advanced technologies and principles of assessing professional behavior of doctors will ensure the society of a high quality of medical care.” Said prof Hossam Hamdy chancellor of Gulf Medical University.

Gulf Medical University (GMU) is a leading medical university based in the United Arab Emirates, with its own growing network of world-class academic institutions, hospitals and a dynamic research division, are constantly endeavoring to transform the University into a vibrant Academic Health System linking the best of medical education, healthcare and research.

The Gulf Medical University has six Colleges and 5 Institutes with 26 Accredited programs all Specialized in Health professions education. For More info Visit www.gmu.ac.ae

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