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Prof. Hossam Hamdy is Professor of Surgery and Medical Education. An internationally known medical educator and active Pediatric Surgeon. A scholar, professional and leader in higher education in the Middle East, renowned internationally and the Chancellor of Gulf Medical University who was Awarded the Honorary Fellow of AMEE(FAMEE) – An International Association for Medical Education in EUROPE. Which is the biggest association having more than 3000 educators in various health professions.


This award is prestigious and bestowed upon him to honour his outstanding contribution in field of Medical Education. This award was given to him for his outstanding academic contributions, have had significant impact upon medical and health professions education, his leadership and societal impact, have provided great support for medical and health professions education, or have created opportunities and fostered innovation in the Institution, region or country for the advancement of medical and health professions education.


This not only a proud moment for Gulf Medical University but also United Arab Emirates and a reflection of the work and excellence done in UAE and a great visibility globally. Gulf Medical University has been a hallmark of innovation in Health professions education. Prof. Hossam Hamdy Said “We are preparing the health professionals of the future who are going to serve UAE, region and all over the World, He was Personally very happy being recognized as he has devoted his life for the development for Medical Education, which will also inspire other colleagues to do more in the field of medical education.”

He advised to the young Aspiring in the field to be proud of training Health professionals as, if you train one person able to do 10,000 operations and if you are able to train 10 such professionals you are going to play an exponential role, Lifelong learning and self-development is most important for any individual to succeed, We have to keep in pace of ways of teaching and contributing in development of the future workforce in the Health Sector.

The future of Health professions is very bright, the systems of healthcare are changing rapidly, the technology is changing rapidly, the health professionals should be trained to work in the new world of healthcare practice which will be highly enabled by Technology, Preparing the future graduates in using technology is becoming an important component of Health professions education. Dealing with human beings need a professional to be empathetic and needs to understand the fear of the patient and his family, they need to have good communication skills and to understand the needs of the patient. Hoping to see a more Health and Safe world in the future.

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